The 2010 Notts Teslathon

As a change from things I think I understand, here is something that I definitely DON'T!

Freaky machinery doing dangerous things with no guards whatsoever.

the health and safety police would die of fright! - OK I have to see this then.


The biggest one doing its thing


The tiniest one doing its thing


How tiny is that?


Some like capacitance


Some prefer plumbing


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Movies (.wmv format - sorry!)


The Can Crusher induction loop (35MB)

A Jacob's ladder (7MB)

Another view of the Jacob's ladder (8MB)

A voltage multiplier spark gap (10MB)

The big Tesla coil (27MB)

A sliightly more sensible size Tesla (20MB)

More Tesla time (53MB)

And more Tesla tinkering (34MB)

Tesla tunes (68MB)

As requested by Sarah - it was her birthday! (12MB)

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